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The most deserving company that delivers to you impeccable quality Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine, Multi Track Pouch Packaging Machine, Biscuit Packaging Machine etc. ..

About Us

A company's experience is never determined by its date of inception. Instead, it is the personnel who guide that firm and the experts who works, that determines the experience of the company. Same is in our case, as we, Dhariwal Engineers, are indeed a recently incorporated company, but we know what it takes to best in the markets and take leaps over every other company. Being a manufacturer who always wins the heart of its customers we make sure to our clients that if they rely on us, they will never be disappointed. We design and engineer Fully Pneumatic Collar Type Cup Filler Packaging, Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine, Horizontal Flow Wrap Pillow Pack Packaging Machine, Pouch Packaging Machine, Biscuit Packaging Machine, and a lot more.

Post-Sales Support

The responsibility of our company does not end with the delivery of the product. It is important to ensure that the customer do not feel alienated when facing issues and is able to contact the company for support. Our company extends support to the customer in an effort to rectify any issues within the product and assure the customer of its dedication and reliability whenever the customer faces an issue.


A well tested product faces lesser problems. This further implies that the device will require minimal after sales support and the company can establish itself as a reliable trader/manufacturer of the product.

Inclusion Of Proven Technologies

Customers today are looking for products that not only inculcate the latest technology has to offer but also look for products that are an amalgamation of proven methods,processes and technologies. This increases the reliability of the product and return the faith in the company.

How We Satisfy Our Clients

The only factor that can make a company prosper in the market is the customer. If the clients of the company are not satisfied by company's works, the chances are less likely for that company to grow or to even exist. We always focus on satisfying our customers on each business deal. Some of the factors that helps us satisfy our clients are mentions below:-

  • We never compromise with the quality of our products.
  • Each business deal is executed by us in a transparent manner.
  • Punctuality at the time of delivery is never compromised.